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Windows Azure Virtual Machine Limitations

Hi, Every one we are here for Sharing the knowledge, ParallelMinds as a company believe in Sharing the knowledge and keep the word in same page. So in the previous blog I have started to share knowledge about Windows Azure. Now I will continue that …………………!!!

As we know windows Azure are not too much stable right now. there are number of challenges, today I will cover Windows Azure Virtual machine limitation which I faced in my current project as follows …

Limitation :-

  1. Custom domain which we have created inside the Windows Azure Virtual machine, it goes to off line time by time, So when you will deploy any application on another domain joined machine some time it will give you an error like. ” can not find any domain controller in domain.”. it means your DC is going off line.
  2. We can’t change the IP address of Virtual Machine. Because on the Windows Azure DHCP is enabled, So it will assign one Internal IP and one External IP address(one to one Natting between internal IP address and Public IP address)  at the configuration of New Virtual Machine .Windows Azure not provides the facility to change the IP Address or Add the New IP address.
  3. Suppose for any Application you want to configure two IP address inside the same virtual machine. So unfortunately Windows Azure not provides this facility to add one more internal IP address inside the Virtual Machine. Because  one to one Natting between internal IP address and Public IP address on virtual machine.
  4. We cant ping the any Public IP Address from inside the Windows Azure virtual machine and We can’t ping Virtual machine Public IP Address outside the Windows Azure.
  5. Widows Azure provides single Network Adapter card with Virtual machine. Suppose you want to configure SIP inside the virtual machine , it requires two Network Adapter card or Edge Server inside the Virtual machine , edge server also requires two network adapter card one for connecting to internal network and another is connected to DMZ network . So currently its not possible to configure Edge server Inside the Windows Azure virtual machine.

I hope this information will help you. be tune with us and we will try to share More information with you.

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