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Lync Introduction

Lync 2010 is a communication product of Microsoft. That allows users to communicate, at any where any time .The main features of Lync  – audio and video calls, instant messaging and sending files. We are very familiar with Skype so the suddenly a very next question comes in our mind “What is the difference between Lync and Skype?”

Well, though Lync loos like a Skype , Lync 2010 has a lot of additional functionalities. First of all it should be mentioned that Lync  provides better quality calls than Skype. Microsoft Lync 2010 supports HD-video with 720p resolution (but, naturally, it also depends on user’s computer video device). This service is a combination of features necessary for business – IM (instant messaging), voice, video and audio conferencing (up to 250 attenders) in one. Beside these, users are able to set up unscheduled meetings, add distribution lists to their contacts, share their desktops, use whiteboard for presentations and control the other computer remotely.

Also very convenient feature of Lync is integration with Microsoft Office Applications – Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Outlook 2010. When using Exchange, presence indicators appear so that users can detect another user’s availability and call or send an IM in one-click. So the users can click on the status indicator and initiate communication. That is called “click to communicate” feature. Also one of the elements of integration is the button “New Online Meeting” that helps to create and reserve a room and time for meeting in the Calendar.

Currently, this feature is not available while using Lync with VoIP call. The service enables users to make PC-to-PC calls only at the moment.

And at the last the most important thing about any application which is running on internet is Security. Lync  2010 provides users with new level of security. It is Intelligent Instant Message Filter (IIMF) that protects messaging from viruses and spam. So you can run Lync 2010 without any security concern.

So from where we can start ? its very easy to use for that we have need to install Lync Client on our system.

If we observe  Lync Provides number of great features than Skype. Corporative people’s first choice is Lync  rather than Skype. So in last we can say that Lync is used for corporative work.