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Installing Windows Phone Developer Tools

New Windows Phone

(I have downloaded the above image from http://regmedia.co.uk/2012/11/06/nokia_lumia_920_windows_phone_8_1.jpg, if anybody has issue with it please mail me to freemind.nitesh@gmail.com)

Hello people, today I will be telling you what tools you need for the Windows Phone development and what tools you need to install.

  1. First and foremost you need to get acquainted with the Visual Studios 2012 and get a closer look at it before you start developing any apps on Windows Phone.
  2. First tool you need to install is a Windows 8/ Pro OS on your machine.
  3. As you go ahead please make sure that you have a machine with Hyper V capability as Windows Phone 8 Emulator runs on the virtual machine as Hyper V.
  4. Going ahead you also install Visual Studio 2012 on your machine. You can find the Visual Studio 2012 setup here.
  5. After the installation of Visual Studios 2012 we need to take it ahead to Windows Phone environment. Also you will need to install the Windows Phone SDK, you will find it here .
  6. Generally the SDK will self configure with the system you are using, but there can be issues regarding this.
  7. The issues can be as follows, make sure that you sort them out manually.
    1. You will have to enable the Hyper V option which is present in BIOS so that it can be used by the emulator. Also make sure that you are in local Hyper-V Administrators group.
    2. Make sure that you have DirectX 11.0 and Driver Model WDDM 1.2 . You can check them by going in DxDiag.
  8. Generally these are some of the issues that may occur and you can overcome them by the description given above.

Yes guys I guess this is the thing that you will need to meet and requirements that you need to fulfill to start with the development in Windows Phone.

If you have any queries and any question please make sure that you ask me … I am always ready to help you …

Have a nice day and keep good health :)