Author: Deepankar Patil

Things to keep in mind while designing User Interface

Hi Guys!

This is my first post so not writing anything too heavy!!!

So, we are going to see things to follow while designing webpages.

Basically the website we design need to be user friendly and easy to understand to any kind of user.
Today i am writing only about Sign Up.

On the Opening of the site that is home page of the site, try to make the sign up button more effective and more attention grabbing. Try to write FREE in bold so that gets the user attention easily. Once the user clicks on it he is all yours.

While designing a Sign Up page for any kind of site, you must keep it as simple as you can to get more customers.
On the sign Up page don’t ask the user too much of information for logging in.
keep minimum questions like

First Name,
Last Name,
& Password.

Once the User is logged in then you can ask him to update his profile with the remaining questions you want to ask.

Thanks for reading…. 🙂