Implementing Six Sigma practices for better Quality

In a typical software development and testing projects – Agile and SDLC (Software Development Life cycle) practices are sufficient although to further improve quality beyond a certain extent advanced techniques are required. In this article the discussion is about how six sigma can be introduced to further improve the quality of the software product development and its delivery. For illustration purpose a software organization can be depicted as consisting the following:

• Business
• Process and
• People


In the above diagram improvements cannot be introduced although its enough to deliver the projects as per customer requirements. Six sigma techniques provides the possibilities for further improvements by adding to activities that can be introduced that will also further the overall organizational capabilities. Hence the purpose of improving the quality is just one aspect of overall capability improvements that are possible and can be depicted in the diagram shown below:


It is also observed that due to reporting to client/customer andt changing customer expectations the basic software testing in the SDLC processes is not enough hence additional data needs to be collected in ensuring reporting and also demonstrating quality as per customer expectations. Thus its imperative to improve by training in teams throughout organization and to be familiar with the additional activities to improve quality. These are categorized as below:

• Each team will have at least one six sigma champion – if not team member manager that can be designated.
• The designated team member will perform checks on the following sub-tasks

    • Continuous improvement
    • Maintaining customer satisfaction / loyalty by asking questions
    • Root cause analysis as a process
    • Identifying the performance metrics and reporting QA and development activities to client and stake holders
    • Voice of customer – understanding and establishing the end user/consumer
    • Trend analysis of requirements, delivery and issue tracking
    • Cause and effect analysis as a process
    • Identifying a process to fulfill a requirement and helping in improving it in discussion with client and within organization
    • Identifying and improving by taking special initiatives on poor quality areas


• In addition its possible to build on following capabilities :

    • ISO 9000
    • Project Management

• Further Each project and product development can customize the development process by introducing the Plan – Do – Check – Act process for development activities

• Continue to strict adherence to Agile and other SDLC practices for software development activities

The result of doing the above tasks will result in overall quality improvement.

Further following metrics can be measured:

• Improved predictability
• Delivering the project on time and as per schedule
• Better resource management
• Improved customer satisfaction

One thought on “Implementing Six Sigma practices for better Quality

  1. Nice article .Contrary to the myth that six sigma works only for manufacturing segment, we could see many companies across the various verticals are implementing six sigma in their organisation. In my opinion everything has to be six sigma (or sigma) performance.It talks about improvement and customer satisfaction by reducing and eliminating defects.

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