Windows Phone became soo easy !! :) :)

Windows Phone 8

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Hi Guys I am so sorry that I have not shown up since long time, but as I am here lets get a quick review on what all things are we going to learn and understand !!

Module 1: Windows Phone 8 Overview


• Application Platform Overview for Windows Phone
• Installing Windows Phone Developer Tools
• The Silverlight framework for Windows Phone
• Getting Oriented
• Introduction to Touch
• Sensors and Services
• Application Architecture

Module 2 : Windows Phone 8 Developer Tools


• Installing Windows Phone Emulator 8
• Windows Phone Developer Tools consist of Visual Studio IDE that includes a toolbox containing phone controls
• Phone-based designer skin, and project templates specific for phone application development
• Windows Phone Emulator that you can use to deploy, debug, and test your applications

Module 3: Basic Fundamental Concepts for Windows Phone 8 


  • Introduction Concepts that are fundamental to Windows Phone application development
  • Key fundamental Windows Phone concepts
    • Execution Model for Windows Phone
    • Frame and page navigation for Windows Phone
    • Launchers and Choosers for Windows Phone
    • Isolated Storage for Windows Phone
    • Themes for Windows Phone
    • Hardware specifications for Windows Phone
    • Web and data services for Windows Phone

Module 4 : Class Library Reference Windows Phone 8


  • Provide with the Library References that are present for Windows Phone
  • Purpose of including those references in the application

Module 5 : Getting Started with Windows Phone 8 Development


  • Provides step-by-step information for Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications
  • Learn about the Windows Phone Application Platform
  • Creating the first Windows Phone Application

Module 6 : Design Resources for Windows Phone 8  


  • Design principles that should observed when developing applications for Windows Phone
  • UI Design and Interaction Guide
  • Expression Blend for Windows Phone, design templates, and a visual explanation of the Windows Phone design system
  • Design Template for Windows Phone 8

Module 7 : Testing the application


  • What is testing ?
  • Guidance through testing process of the application
  • Testing of the application

Module 8 : Publishing Application on Windows Marketplace


  • Basics of Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Significance of Marketplace
  • Functions of  Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Guiding through the steps of publishing the application on Windows Phone Marketplace

I will try and cover each module one by one and if possible also will give you the some “Hands On” and “Demos”, lets see how things fall in place.

If you have any queries regarding anything please feel free to comment on or ask. 🙂 I am always there to help 

Will see you guys soon with a major content.

Thanks 🙂

Take care and have safe health.

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