SharePoint 2013 Communication with Yammer

Yammer is an Enterprise social network which was acquired by Microsoft. Yammer is similar as most popular social networking site “Facebook” .In SharePoint we can able to get the feed from external site as well like Yammer.

SharePoint interact with Yammer and get the live feeds to your Web feeds will be available at both place in SharePoint Web Part and the yammer page.

So here we will go with complete walk through step by step.


  • After click on Groups. your group page looks like below.


  • Click on All Groups tab. then you can see all the groups in your organization and click on any group to join.


  • After joining the groups you can see the joined group in left panel.



  • Click on Software group then Click on Embed this feed.


  • after clicking one pop window will appear There is a script that generated by yammer, shows your domain and group id.


  • After created the embed link from yammer, create a project in Visual Studio 2012 and open new project as Visual Web Part from SharePoint Solutions.


  • Paste the script inside the Visual Web Part.


  • Build the Solution and Deploy
  • Open the SharePoint site and add the Web Part then save the page.



  • After adding the webpart your SharePoint page looks like below


  • Now you need to sign in to Yammer page and Allow your feed to available for SharePoint Environment as below.



  • Now you can able to interact with your group from portal and Yammer.



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