Before putting down your first Step in development.

Hi People there are some prerequisites before we directly jump into the development of Windows Phone. Following are some prerequisites that will enable you and make it more simple to develop the app on Windows Phone

  1. .Net
  2. C#
  3. Silverlight
  4. OOPS Concepts

Going ahead you will be able to understand and build on the Windows Phone apps :

  1. Getting Started: The app platform, setting up tools and creating the first app.
  2. Developer Tools: The Visual Studio IDE and Windows Phone Emulator.
  3. Design Resources: Application bar icons, UI design principles, Expression Blend, and the design system.
  4. Fundamental Concepts: What you need to know before you begin creating your first application.
  5. Application Features and Common Development Tasks –Tasks that are common for all Windows Phone applications, and not related to specific features.
  6. Marketplace Publishing and getting paid– How to publish your app on App Hub and get paid for your work.


Will keep you posted people … :) :)

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