Comparision Between PHP Framework’s

PHP Framework PHP4 PHP5 MVC Multiple DB’s DB Objects Templates Caching Validation Ajax
CakePHP CakePHP Support PHP4 CakePHP Support PHP5 CakePHP Support MVC CakePHP Support Multiple DB CakePHP Support DB Objects CakePHP Support Caching CakePHP Support Validation CakePHP Support Ajax
CodeIgniter CodeIgniter Support PHP4 CodeIgniter Support PHP5 CodeIgniter Support MVC CodeIgniter Support Multiple DB CodeIgniter Support DB Objects CodeIgniter Support Templates CodeIgniter Support Caching CodeIgniter Support Validation
QPHP QPHP Support PHP4 QPHP Support PHP5 QPHP Support MVC QPHP Support Multiple DB QPHP Support DB Objects QPHP Support Templates QPHP Support Validation QPHP Support Ajax
Symfony Symfony Support PHP5 Symfony Support MVC Symfony Support Multiple DB Symfony Support DB Objects Symfony Support Caching Symfony Support Validation Symfony Support Ajax
Yii Yii Support PHP5 Yii Support MVC Yii Support Multiple DB Yii Support DB Objects Yii Support Templates Yii Support Caching Yii Support Validation Yii Support Ajax
Zend Zend Support PHP5 Zend Support MVC Zend Support Multiple DB Zend Support DB Objects Zend Support Templates Zend Support Caching Zend Support Validation Zend Support Ajax

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