Introduction Of SEO : Part 1

Search engine optimization is collection of technique that allow your site to get more traffic  from search engine like Google, Microsoft Bing etc. SEO can be divided in to two main categories

  • On Page SEO (Website changes that makes on your site)
  • Off Page SEO (Works that takes place out of your site).

In this tutorial we will discuss brief about these method’s,

On Page SEO –

                On page SEO means the work take place on your web site which help’ s to get more traffic on your site from search engine.  On page SEO divided in following areas

  1. Title Tag – The most important part of your web page is title tag (<title></title>) because search engine crawl web sites day and night for taking the information and categories them so user can easily get what they are find or want. So make your title as clear as they have topic’s, so search engine clearly distinguish your pages from others.
  2. Header & Bold Tag – In web development generally HTML developer so many CSS for formatting topics of each page. It’s bad because while search engine crawl websites they simply ignore all CSS tags like <span> and etc.  instead of this use header tag i.e. <h1> to <h6> to  set topics of each page, while important topics put in to bold for user notifications.
  3. Keywords – While doing SEO for your site you must know which keyword or terms  you want to target. The SEO  keyword for site is divided in to three categories,
  • Specific keywords  e.g. – Black color shoes  etc.
  • Broad keywords e.g. – shoes, sports etc.
  • unique keywords  e.g. – unique identity of your site.

Off Page SEO –

                 Off page SEO is work that makes out of your site. The off page work is divided in following area

  1. Anchor Tag – Simply getting link from any other website or put your web site link on others web site is not enough to rank well in search engine but it’s depend on quality of your anchor text.
  2. Targeting Competitor – When you search for your competitor’s website, you will find out the most authoritative sites that mention your competitor. Visit these sites and try to get a link from those site’s. If  it is a review site, it may be as easy as sending a free product for review. If it is a forum or wiki, it may be just as easy as adding your link.

Don’t do this all at once, Make a note all of the sites you would like to get a link from, and slowly,  slowly acquire links from them. There is no set time period.

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