Document Set in SharePoint 2010

Hi friends today we are in Study mode so we have decided we are studying about SharePoint concepts and implement in our daily routine work and make our work simple, easier and faster .So Today we will Discuss about Document Set in SharePoint 2010 it is the new feature of SharePoint 2010.

What is Document Set?

Document set helps to manage group of documents as a single entity. A Document set is a special kind of SharePoint folder that combines Unique Document set attribute, the attributes of folder and documents, and provides user interface, metadata and object model elements to help manage all aspects of work.

Let’s start with activating the document set feature …

Activating the Document Set Feature

  1. Navigate to top level site of  the site collection
  2. Go to Site Actions à Site Settings
  3. Click on Site Collection Features
  4. Locate Document sets and click the activation button.


Configuring Document Sets for a Document Library

Where ever you want to use Document sets, you will need to add Document Set content type to the document library.

  • In a document Library, navigate the Library settings — >Advanced Settings page and in the Allow the management of content types, Select Yes.
  • Doc2
  • Click OK, you will then returned to the Document Library settings page.
  • In the document library setting page, in the content type section, click on Add from existing site content types.
  • From the content type picker that appears , select Document Set Content Types , then Select Document set from the Available Site content types section , click add.


  • Return to the document library, in the ribbon select the Documents tab and from the New Document Button, you should have the option to create a Document Set.


  • Click on Document set and in the New Document Set dialog, enter a name for your document set, and a description if you wish, and click on OK button.


  • Your Document set will start off as an empty container to which you can now add the documents.


  • You can then upload documents to the document set.


Done  …. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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