User Profile Synchronization Service Not Running

As per our promise we are here for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and providing the best solution in SharePoint 2010 which makes SharePoint 2010 your Best friend.

Few days ago I have seen the one interesting issue in SharePoint 2010 while going to start profile synchronization ,  under application Management->Manage Service Applications->User Profile Service Application->Manage->Start Profile Synchronization


it throws the message as below :-


No need to worry we are here for that . just check your User profile Synchronization service under Application Management->Manage Services on Server->User Profile Synchronization Service it will bestop.


just start the User Profile Synchronization Service


if you see in the services forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service and Forefront Identity Manager Service will also start.

start_service forefront

restart The IIS and go back to start Profile Synchronization you will able to start the Synchronization.


Done … 🙂 🙂 🙂


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