Restoring SharePoint FrontEnd Server


Restoring SharePoint Front End Server

Previously we have we have done lot of SharePoint 2010 journey together and enjoyed more. Now we will go next SharePoint’s Adventure’s journey today.

While installing CRM my default SharePoint site– on 80 port was deleted from IIS. Creating a new site under The IIS and configuring to :-“C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80” did not work

Following are steps I followed to restore it back.

  1. Run the configuration wizard.Click next on welcome screen.


2.  Click yes on SharePoint Products configuration wizard


3. On Modify Server farm setting Page click on Disconnect from this server farm then click next.


4. Within few minutes you will be disconnected from the existing farm.


5. Now again run your SharePoint Configuration wizard and repeat step 1 and 2.

6. On the very next screen you will see Connect to a server farm page, please ensure that connect to an existing server farm radio button is selected. And click on next button.


7. On Specify configuration Database Setting Page Specify your database server name and then click on Retrieve database Names you will get your database name and click on next button.


8. Enter your Passphrase on Specify farm Security settings which you have entered at the time of farm installation.


9. Click Next on Completing the SharePoint Products Configuration wizard and verify Database name and database server name.


10.  Your configuration starts shortly.


11.  Click on finish button after successful configuration message.


12.  Click on Start the wizard on configure your SharePoint farm.


13. Click on finish button.


After completion of these steps I am able to see my SharePoint – 80 port site back. And one satisfactory smiles runs on my face. Thanks everyone to tune with usJ.


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